Windows XP的华彩10年


微软在2001年10月25日发布了Windows 95以来对全球影响最为深远的系统Windows XP,这款产品在延续了10年生命后依然在PC市场占据主流地位,是什么让它有这么顽强的生命力,让我们一起来看下面的画廊,回顾XP的华彩十年。 …

微软在2001年10月25日发布了Windows 95以来对全球影响最为深远的系统Windows XP,这款产品在延续了10年生命后依然在PC市场占据主流地位,是什么让它有这么顽强的生命力,让我们一起来看下面的画廊,回顾XP的华彩十年。


Microsoft then-CEO Bill Gates poses with Windows XP "gold" disc. [Microsoft]


Bill Gates signs off Windows XP gold master, Aug. 24, 2001. A helicopter waits to fly off the code. [Ari Pernick]

2001年10月25日一大早,Gates和Jim Allchin共同将XP母盘通过直升机运送的形式交付厂商。

Windows XP boxes come off the assembly lines during simpler times. Microsoft offered only two versions of the operating system. [Microsoft]

彩盒装的Windows XP,无数人脑海中的美好回忆

While people wanting this disc waited until Oct. 25, 2001, XP shipped on new PCs more than a month earlier. [Priceminister]


Sign of the Times -- the launch took place in New York about six week after the Twin Towers fell. Microsoft culled back its launch plans in respect to the fallen. [Nate Mook]


Bill Gates and Jim Allchin kick off the Windows XP launch event, Oct. 25, 2001. [Nate Mook]

Bill Gates和 Jim Allchin在XP发布会上

Choir sings "America the Beautiful" during Windows XP's launch. The song had renewed meaning for many, following terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and US Pentagon the previous month. [Nate Mook]

合唱团在会上演出"America the Beautiful" 曲目,祭奠当年发生的911事件罹难者。

Gateway gave out cows -- befitting its black-and-white moo herd motif -- during Windows XP's New York launch. The direct PC maker started selling XP systems more than a month earlier. [Larry Seltzer]

Gateway的吉祥物奶牛也穿上了XP T恤

Sting performs in Bryant Park, as part of Windows XP launch festivities, Oct. 25, 2001. [Tammy Loh]

Bryant Park,乐队庆贺XP发布

About three weeks after XP's launch, Gates unveiled Windows XP Tablet PC Edition during Comdex 2001. The first Tablet PCs debuted about a year later. Here Gates holds one during the November 2002 launch event. [Microsoft]

XP发布3个月后,盖茨在Comdex 2001上公布Windows XP Tablet PC Edition,这也是现在风头正盛的平板产品的前身。

Microsoft unveiled Windows XP Embedded for ATM, cash registers and other devices on Nov. 28, 2001. Here a BT Internet payphone runs the OS.

Windows XP Embedded for ATM 正在运行

About six weeks after Windows XP launched, Bill Gates debuted a second, media-oriented user interface codename "Freestyle". The first Windows XP Media Center Edition PCs shipped for holiday 2002. Here Gates poses with MCE 2005, three years later. [Microsoft]

XP发布6周后,微软公布了开发代号为 "Freestyle"的系统,之后在2005年还公布了MCE2005,将家电数字化。

Microsoft chose actor Tom Arnold as its spokesman for Windows XP Media Center Edition, which officially launched Oct. 29, 2002. [Microsoft]

Tom Arnold成为Windows XP Media Center Edition代言人

Windows XP Service Pack 1, released in September 2002, brought dramatic changes. As part of its US antitrust settlement, Microsoft agreed to provide a utility for setting program defaults for so-called middleware, like web browsing and digital media playback.

Windows XP Service Pack 1,在2002年9月发布,遵循美国反托拉斯法案,让用户可以自行设定默认程序。

In March 2004, the European Un ion Competition Commission ruled that Microsoft violated antitrust laws and must release locally Windows XP sans the media player. Microsoft coyly planned to call the new version Windows XP Reduced Media Edition, but later changed this middle finger to European trustbusters to "N". [Microsoft]

在欧盟的压力下,微软发布Windows XP N特别版,将一些组件从系统中默认去除,并可选竞争对手的产品。

Released in summer 2004, Windows XP Service Pack 2 wasn't just an update, it was a whole new version for free. Microsoft could have and perhaps should have released Windows XP2 instead.

2004年夏天,Windows XP SP2发布,没有一款补丁包的发布可以这样成功,它直接奠定了接下来6年XP的市场地位。

Keeping with Bill Gates' mandate that security be Microsoft's top priority, Windows Service Pack 2 added the "Security Center", featuring Firewall, Automatic Updates and antivirus prompts. [Microsoft],


On Aug. 11, 2004, Microsoft unveiled Windows XP Starter Edition, which two months later went into trials in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Shown here is box for the Indonesian edition. [Microsoft]


Microsoft had several Windows XP Starter Edition objectives: Increase sales in emerging markets; do so without causing pricing back
lash in mature markets; and reduce piracy. Shown here is the Hindi version, which like others lacks capabilities found in full XP. [Microsoft]
Bill Gates introduces Ultra-Mobile PC, codename "Origami", in March 2006. Microsoft provided partners with reference designs, hoping for devices selling for under $500, but the first UMPCs sold for twice as much or more. [Microsoft]


Before iPad, there was Ultra-Mobile PC. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows XP, shown here on the Samsung Q1, offered tablet-size, touchscreen capabilities four years before Apple released iPad. [Microsoft]


尽管8月份的时候Windows XP就已经庆祝过一次生日了(2001年8月24日,Windows XP正式完成RTM版,比尔·盖茨和微软副总裁Jim Allchin亲自搭乘飞机将Windows XP代码送到PC制造商手中),不过我们还是要再次提醒大家铭记十年前的今天,2001年10月25日,Windows XP正式全球上市


十年前Windows XP的发布是PC领域的一次里程碑,它让计算机变得更加简单、快速而且有趣,Windows XP带来了一种全新的用户界面,普通用户也能高效执行各类操作了。

2006年1月,Windows Vista正式发布。Windows XP零售版于2008年6月30日停止销售,OEM版也最终于2010年10月22日停止销售。微软曾多次建议现有的Windows XP用户尽快升级至Windows 7,并且重申将于2014年4月8日终止对XP的支持

根据市场调研机构StatCounter的统计,截止到10月份,Windows 7全球市场份额达到了41%,而Windows XP则不足40%。在临近Windows XP上市十周年之际,Windows 7全球市场份额终于超过了Windows XP,胜过了这款雄霸操作市场十年之久的操作系统。

微软指出,在这十年中,IT行业发生了翻天覆地的变化,沧海桑田,Windows XP已经很难满足当今用户日益增长的需求,是时候退役了。

Windows XP上市十周年



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